A Plant, A Dog, A Husband Pt. 1

I’ve heard that if you can take care of a plant, then you can have a pet. If your pet turns out healthy, vibrant, and wonderful… then you’re ready for a husband.

Well, I’ve kept some plants alive. Not just alive either. I planted some flowers in a pot that are still flowering. There were some casualties but over all they are thriving.

I planted a peach tree and it actually grew some edible fruit. Who would’ve thought! I’m still in awe about that one.

And just as I was planning more landscaping projects around the yard…

a dog entered my life.

On Mother’s Day of this past year, a little-ish puppy showed up in the garage of a cat person (me). I named her, Tucker (see box in top, left corner of picture). The name seemed to fit her and now forever confuses people when they guess her gender… oops.

I must say, I believe she is thriving… She has to be with the amount of love I give that girl. We take walks together daily, I feed her that fancy food without all the grain fillers, she sleeps in my bed, and I’m now looking into training her to be a therapy dog.

…so I get the husband next, right?

To be continued…


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