Step Six

So, my absence from this blog is an obvious symptom of codependency. I enjoy self-sabotage during my leisure time. I could’ve written many blogs in the past month… but I found something else to do instead. Lovely. But! This time around, I will not succumb to my old habits. I am in recovery from my codependency and I will continue with this blog. A minor set back will no longer hold me down.

I’m (praise the Lord) about halfway through a recovery workbook called, Breaking Free, by Pia Mellody and Andrea Wells Miller. It coincides with the book, Facing Codependence. To jump back into my blogging, I am giving myself a ten day challenge.

Step Six in the recovery workbook is a thorough look at character defects. To quote Pia, “Codependent character defects are attitudes, feelings, and behaviors you hang on to that sabotage your happiness and relationships and keep you from taking responsibility for your own life and recovery.” #storyofmylife

Twenty-seven character defects are listed in Step Six. I’m hoping I don’t have all of them, so I’m going to find the ones I can relate to and unpack one a day for ten days. I think it’ll be very telling… and maybe depressing, but healing!

So, “[I’m] entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character.” Bring it on.

Tomorrow on “My Codependent Life.” People-pleasing and all its glory.

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