Day Eight: Insisting People Have Your Value System

Everyone has a standard of living that they find works for them. No one is on the same level. Even in Christian circles, there is a moral plumb line that we align ourselves with, but differing degrees as to how we live that out. For example, music. Some Christians believe that you can only listen to Christian music. Others think music is what you make it and it doesn’t all have to be from the Christian genre to be beneficial.

Insisting people have your value system creates tension because that is not the way we were designed. Everyone is unique and entitled to their own opinions and values. Forcing people to live under your value system is exhausting. It also can isolate you from others because you end up rejecting anyone that doesn’t wholeheartedly agree with you.

It can be frightening to see other people have a different opinion or belief system than you, especially if you believe yours is right and theirs is wrong. However, someone thinking differently from you is not a reason to fear. Insisting that people agree with you is a great way to have people adamantly disagree with you merely because you are so insistent. Conversing and being okay with others believing what they want is the best way to live. You’re free and they’re free.

If you’re a believer, God called us to love others and share the truth of the gospel with them. We don’t have to force anyone to believe anything. That’s God’s work. If a person is going to believe in God, they will be drawn to the truth by God Himself. There’s no need to get wound up, tense, or nervous. God’s plans will be accomplished.

If you’re a clean freak and your fellow house mates are not, that is not an excuse to force everyone to live up to your standard. This is a great opportunity to learn how to voice your feelings in a healthy way and make compromises with one another. Maybe you need to learn what it’s like to enjoy a home that looks like people live there. 😉

Ultimately, if you believe in God, your life is about surrender. We take the ugly of ourselves and ask God to remove it. We ask for forgiveness and let God replace the ugly with His beautiful characteristics. That way, you can walk through life singing instead of grumbling. Trust me, singing looks better on you.

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