The Solution to Chaotic Eating

The Solution to Chaotic Eating

Routine in the chaos.

After realizing I had fallen into a chaotic eating routine, I evaluated my schedule and thought of ways to help stop the feeling of desperation and starvation that comes from long bouts of no food.

I planned snacks ahead of time and brought them to work. These snacks had plenty of protein in them to help push me through to the next meal. Also, even though I knew I wouldn’t be receiving an official meal break, I brought a meal anyways. I’d bring my work phone with me into the staff kitchen and would eat a couple of mouthfuls at a time. The important thing about eating intuitively, is being present. I would make myself pause and think about what I was eating. Did I like it? What didn’t I like about it? What were the flavors? This causes you to be in the present moment with your food and to not stress eat.

By bringing protein-oriented snacks and forcing myself to take mini breaks to complete one meal, I was able to kick that desperate feeling that drives even the healthiest desires through the drive-thru at the end of a work day. It takes some discipline upfront, but it’s worth it.

Work is important to pay the bills, but your mental and physical health are important, as well. It’s hard to do the best you can with a fuzzy mind and fatigued body. Although it might be looked down upon in your busy schedule to stop for a meal or a snack, ultimately, your work team will appreciate it because you will be able to operate at your best. Your body will also thank you because it won’t be operating under potential starvation mode.

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