What’s Your Interest?

What’s Your Interest?

Hello everyone!

I wanted to thank those who have decided to follow my blog. It’s encouraging to see others interested in codependency and my take on it. We’ve got a small band of followers on here, which is great, because we can interact easily together.

I’m curious to hear from y’all. Is there any part of codependency that you’re interested in? Is there a topic I haven’t covered that you’re wondering about? What is your struggle that you’d like to get more of a handle on?

Let me know and I’ll get to researching and writing! Those are my favorite things. 😀

You can comment below or e-mail me at writemegbutler@gmail.com.

I look forward to hearing from y’all and am so glad we get to work through this codependency together.

Also, what do y’all think about the picture of a wadded up blanket I took? So random, but I thought it was beautiful for some reason.


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