The Reason for the Sheep

The Reason for the Sheep

As you may have noticed, the logo for my site is a sheep. I’m sure that anyone who has a background in Christianity could make a guess as to why the sheep is my logo, but I thought I’d share with you the exact reason for the sheep.

When I was five years old, my Sunday School teacher taught us that we were sheep in need of a shepherd. She told us that Jesus is a good shepherd and we should follow Him. I went home with that thought in mind and had my mom lead me through a prayer to accept Jesus into my life.

The scripture my teacher was referencing that day in class was John 10. In the simplicity of this figure of speech and in the power of its implications, Jesus, the door and the shepherd, allowed me passage into safe pasture. I was not a pretty sheep, but a gnarly sheep without good sense. Jesus brought me into the fold, anyhow, due to His goodness. In literal terms, Jesus took an inherently sinful person and stood in her place before God so that she could be accepted by Him. As a child, I couldn’t see my character defects yet. I couldn’t see my idols (my other masters I would want to follow over Christ), but in the faithfulness of God, He would not have me remain gnarly. As I grew up, my sin inevitably came to the surface and God got to the business of transformation.

I started off as a mean sister who bullied my younger sisters and encouraged my friends to bully their siblings. As I continued to grow, I fell into love addiction and looked to guys to provide me with the things only God can. I disrespected my parents and filled my mind with negativity.

But! In the middle of all the anger, guilt, confusion, and pain, Jesus’ voice never left. I don’t want to stretch the sheep analogy beyond its point, but let’s just say I was a sheep staggering around trying to follow several different directions, but clumsily still moving after my real master’s voice. And wouldn’t you have it that He got me? We sheep can be wanderers, but if we are part of the fold of Jesus Christ, He will not let us remain off course.

Want to know what happened to my abusive, bullying ways? Boom! Got hit sideways by the Master’s rod. Never the same again. I turned from my abusive ways and began to love through the power of God.

What happened to my love addiction? Wam! Smacked by the rod of the Shepherd. Hit me straight. God showed me that He was who I needed to look to for everything I needed.

Disrespect towards parents? More blows and more transformation. Have any of you had great tension with your parents in high school, but now have the pleasure of calling them friends? God is good.

Even though I have gotten corrected by the rod and staff of God, it has never felt abusive. I’ve never felt wronged by God because I see what happens after the hit: love.

The love I have for my siblings and my parents, the healthy love I now have for guys, and the love I have for God all comes from the power of God Himself. Through His power I feel so confident, clear, and full of joy. God exudes His love and is gentle. Praise God! He could be so harsh with us, but He is not! I find myself having a hard time accepting His goodness sometimes because it feels too good. How can there be such a God with answers for all occasions? And He’s my leader. My shepherd. He leads me to safety and provides for me.

Every day, Jesus continues to transform me to become like Him. He guides me and I can hear His voice more clearly now. I’m not as staggering as I used to be. Don’t get me wrong, I still wander — but not as much.

I am one of many lives that has been changed by Jesus Christ. Do I recommend Him? Of course. And I’d say for anyone who is skeptical or interested, get to know Him and see if you can resist Him. Read Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John and see if you finish them unchanged.

I accepted Jesus into my life at five and gladly say that I am a follower of Jesus Christ. I am a sheep to a Good Shepherd.

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